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Ramadhan 15, 1426 AH: Mawla ‘Ali [a]

All praise belongs to the Almighty [swt], the Master of the Universe.

The nights of Qadr are upon us as the Holy Month of Ramadhan reaches its peak. And how fitting it is that the amaal of Qadr (with respect to the revelation of the Holy Qur’an) are incomplete without the commemoration of the martyrdom of Amir-ul-Mo’mineen [a]. Indeed only the Almighty [swt] and his beloved Prophet [s] truly know what Imam ‘Ali [a] is. History cannot produce an example of such a perfect and complete personality.

It was the 19th morning of Holy Ramadhan in Kufa, when Imam [a] finally got his life-long wish of martyrdom. This brave Lion of God, who was born in the Ka’ba, was brutally struck in the house of God, i.e. the grand Masjid of Kufa. The Holy Prophet [s] had prophesied the assassination of Imam when he said, “O Ali! I see before my eyes thy beard dyed with the blood of thy forehead.”

After the cursed Abdur Rahman Ibn Muljim [l] struck Imam [a] with the poisonous sword, Imam’s blood-drenched lips parted into a thanksgiving prayer and he said, “Lord! I thank Thee for rewarding me with martyrdom; how kind art thou and how gracious. May Thy mercy further lead me to the realm of Thy grace and benevolence.”

Imam [a] suffered for three days after this incident. During this time, close companions of Imam [a] were allowed to visit him for a final time, and they received lasting words of wisdom. One such companion was Asbagh bin Nubata. Amil-ul-Mo’mineen [a] also left a detailed will for his successor, Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba [a]. The following is a passage from the words of Imam [a] to his sons:

“Remain steadfast in piety and resign yourself to the will of God. Never aspire to anything which is beyond your reach. Always be truthful and merciful towards the orphans. Help the poor and needy, and try to live in this world in a way which may help it to become better. Stop the tyrant from his oppressions. Assist the afflicted and act upon the commandments of God; and to do be put off by any obstacles. Lastly, I ask you to bury me is some place which is unknown to the public. No less than 10,000 persons have I killed by my own hands on different occasions, and I do not wish their relatives to violate the sanctuary of my repose, and expose my corpse to indignity.”

Thus, the valiant sons of Imam ‘Ali [a] took the coffin of Imam until it stopped at Najaf., Alas, what a sad chapter in Muslim history whereby graves of the best of people, i.e. Imam ‘Ali [a] and his equal, Bibi Zahra [s], were hidden from the public out of fear of desecration. Therefore, in these nights of aza, let us pray that we remain steadfast on the religion of haqq; the path of the Holy Qur’an and the Ahlul-bayt [a].

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