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Rabi at-Thani 1, 1426 AH: Imam Hasan al-Askari [a]

All praise belongs to the Almighty [swt], the Master of the Universe.

Humankind is enjoined in the Holy Qur’an to worship the Almighty [swt], follow the Holy Prophet [s], and follow the Ahlul-bayt [a]. The Holy Prophet explicitly identified who the Ahlul-bayt [a] are during his life at numerous occasions. The eleventh successor of the Prophet, and the father of our Awaited Imam [a], is Imam Hassan al-Askari [a].

It is unfortunate that some lovers of the Ahlul-bayt [a] consider the wiladat celebration and shahadat commemoration of certain Imams as ‘minor’. This is contrary to the prophetic teachings, whereby Muslims are advised that the first is Muhammad, the last is Muhammad, the middle in Muhammad, and indeed all are Muhammad. It is therefore important to give proper time and consideration of the wiladat of our eleventh Imam [a] which took place around this time of the year in 232 AH in the City of Medina.

Imam Hasan al-Askari was kept under constant observation and imprisoned by the tyrants of his time as they were fully aware of the coming of the Mahdi [a] from his progeny. Imam Al-Askari [a] was eventually killed by way of poison at the young age of about 28 years. However, just like the other luminous Imams of the Ahlul-bayt [a], Imam Hassan al-Askari [a] left many gems of wisdom for his followers. Some ahadith from our beloved Imam include:

“The best of your brothers is the one who forgets your sin (defect), and mentions your favours done to him.”

“Training an ignorant person, and reverting a habitual addict back from his habit, is like performing a miracle.”

“Rage (anger) is the key to all evils.”

“Refrain and avoid seeking fame and striving for power, as these two invite one towards annihilation.”

“The one who does not have fear of people (in committing sin) will not be afraid of Allah.”

Therefore, let us pray that Muslim Youths live up to the standards and expectations that our Imam has set for us, inshallah.

NOTE: Proceedings of the Fifth International Tabligh Conference hosted by the Islamic Humanitarian Service are available at www.ihsconf2005.org

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