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15th Muharram 1426 AH: Imam Sajjad [a]

All praise belongs to the Almighty [swt], the Master of the Universe.

After Kerala, it was Imam Ali bin Husayn, Zaibul-Abideen [a] who along with his aunt, Bibi Zaynab [a] took leadership and responsibility for the caravan of Imam Husayn [a]. Muslim Youths must never forget that trial and tribulations that the Ahlul-bayt [a] had to endure during the grueling trip from Kerbala to Kufa, and from Kufa to Shaam.

Imam Sajjad [a] combined in his the trait of the best of worshipers as well as the best of azadaar. Majlisi (in Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. XI) has written a chapter, "His mourning and Weeping on the Martyrdom of his Father, May Grace of Allah be on Both", in which he, inter alia, writes:

"And it is said that he (i.e. Imam Zayn al-'Abidin) continued to weep till his eyes were endangered. And whenever he took water to drink, he wept till the tears filled the pot. Someone talked to him about it and he replied: "Why should not I cry, when my father was denied the water which was free to the beasts and animals?

"As for Ali Ibn al-Husain [a], he cried over Husain [a] for twenty years (after Kerbala); never would any food be placed before him except that he would begin to weep"
- Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq [a]

Therefore, the mourning for Imam Husayn [a], his noble family, and his devout companions is an act that is part of Islam since the Haqq, i.e. Imam of Ahlul-bayt [a] did the same. We therefore pray that Muslim Youths learn to maintain the balance between azadari and other forms of ibadat, both of which should continue to complement each other.

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