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15th Shawwal 1425 AH: Intercession

All praise belongs to the Almighty [swt], the Master of the Universe.

Islam is a religion based on reasoning. It is the full right of believers to seek explanation for various aspects of the faith. However, one must be prepared to learn with an open heart, otherwise the exercise becomes pointless. The topic of intercession, for instance, always sparks debate when discussed amongst Muslim Youths. Typical questions arise:

Is there anyone who can intercede for humans other than God?
Who has the right of intercession? Why not go to God directly?
What are the qualifications required in order to receive intercession?

Undoubtedly, the intercession of the Ahlul-bayt [a] is a cornerstone of the Shia faith, a core belief that stems directly from the Holy Qur’an. Intercession is an avenue that the Almighty [s] has provided for us, out of His infinite mercy, as a means to forgive fallible human beings. There are plentiful logical arguments to explain this concept. However, similar to most circumstances, there are always extremes, and the truth is likely to be in the middle of the two extremes. One extreme is the belief that one cannot seek help from anyone other than the Almighty [s], and that the intercession of the Holy Prophet [a] is no longer valid (since he is physically not alive). The other extreme is that we have an open season for sins, since all sins will be forgiven by the intercession of the Ahlul-bayt [a].

The challenge for Muslim Youths is to stay away from the extremes and to appreciate the true avenues that the Almighty [s] has provided for us. The Ahlul-bayt [a] surely have the right and the status to intercede. In addition, an outright rejection of wasilah is tantamount to an act of arrogance, the kind that Shaitan displayed when he refused to bow down to Prophet Adam [a] despite being commanded to do so. Of course, Shaitan had no problem with worshiping the Almighty [s] directly.

Therefore it is important that the followers of Imam ‘Ali bin Abi Talib [a] transmit the concept of intercession to the general population of Muslims.

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