Hiring An Oakville Electrician Can Help Prevent Holiday Electrical Hazards

Hiring An Oakville Electrician Can Help Prevent Holiday Electrical Hazards

During the holidays, it is also the time people are busy with their celebrations. They will gather around homes or even public places to share the unique memories. At a time of comfort and joy things may turn haywire when you have a tragedy striking from electrical faults. If you are going to have electrical connections or wiring during holidays and in any other time, work with an Oakville Electrician to avert dangers. The extension cord you use for the Christmas tree or string lights you install in the outdoors can bring problems if they are not fitted by an electrician.


In the holiday season, there are many electrical issues reported and latent fire hazards are among the common ones. A considerable number of home fires occur in the holiday season or the months of December, January and February. Christmas trees are a fire hazard if the connections aren’t done properly. Decorative lighting and other holiday lights bring about many home fires costing homeowners millions of dollars in property damage.

If you know how to handle your electrical needs during the holidays, you can remain safe and ensure you don’t incur losses. An electrician can help when it comes to installing or upgrading the electrical system. Sometimes, you may have to increase the outdoor lighting because many events and activities are happening in the home. You also want to increase surveillance lights because criminals can take advantage of the season and break into homes that aren’t lit properly.

If you have to fit extra sockets for light sources, be careful on how you use power strips and power extension cords. They can be very dangerous and can easily trigger fires if they are overloaded. Extensions and power strips are designed to cater for small loads and not some big electrical appliances. You can connect your laptop or television on them but they won’t be safe for use with an oven or a furnace.

Improper use of electrical appliances may not cause a fire, however, it can bring out issues that may be damaging or injurious. For example, you may have electrical shocks or even electrocution. Your equipment could easily be blown off by electricity.

If you are using extension cords or power strips, you should not cover them using fabric or place them under wooden structures. They can trigger fires and you want to do away with anything that could increase the fire when it starts. Also, you should not use one extension and connect it with another to act a source of power, it can be very dangerous. If you are using electrical cooking equipment, you should never leave them unattended, anything can happen where a fire starts.

There is a lot of cooking and activities happening in holiday season but you should not overload the circuit with appliances. As the homeowner, be sure to engage any Oakville Electricians before and during the holidays to make sure all your electrical tasks are taken care of whenever they arise. If you have an electrical fault you should have the phone number of the electrician ready with you to seek help.

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