Hiring An Oakville Electrician Can Help Prevent Holiday Electrical Hazards

Hiring An Oakville Electrician Can Help Prevent Holiday Electrical Hazards

During the holidays, it is also the time people are busy with their celebrations. They will gather around homes or even public places to share the unique memories. At a time of comfort and joy things may turn haywire when you have a tragedy striking from electrical faults. If you are going to have electrical connections or wiring during holidays and in any other time, work with an Oakville Electrician to avert dangers. The extension cord you use for the Christmas tree or string lights you install in the outdoors can bring problems if they are not fitted by an electrician.


In the holiday season, there are many electrical issues reported and latent fire hazards are among the common ones. A considerable number of home fires occur in the holiday season or the months of December, January and February. Christmas trees are a fire hazard if the connections aren’t done properly. Decorative lighting and other holiday lights bring about many home fires costing homeowners millions of dollars in property damage.

If you know how to handle your electrical needs during the holidays, you can remain safe and ensure you don’t incur losses. An electrician can help when it comes to installing or upgrading the electrical system. Sometimes, you may have to increase the outdoor lighting because many events and activities are happening in the home. You also want to increase surveillance lights because criminals can take advantage of the season and break into homes that aren’t lit properly.

If you have to fit extra sockets for light sources, be careful on how you use power strips and power extension cords. They can be very dangerous and can easily trigger fires if they are overloaded. Extensions and power strips are designed to cater for small loads and not some big electrical appliances. You can connect your laptop or television on them but they won’t be safe for use with an oven or a furnace.

Improper use of electrical appliances may not cause a fire, however, it can bring out issues that may be damaging or injurious. For example, you may have electrical shocks or even electrocution. Your equipment could easily be blown off by electricity.

If you are using extension cords or power strips, you should not cover them using fabric or place them under wooden structures. They can trigger fires and you want to do away with anything that could increase the fire when it starts. Also, you should not use one extension and connect it with another to act a source of power, it can be very dangerous. If you are using electrical cooking equipment, you should never leave them unattended, anything can happen where a fire starts.

There is a lot of cooking and activities happening in holiday season but you should not overload the circuit with appliances. As the homeowner, be sure to engage any Oakville Electricians before and during the holidays to make sure all your electrical tasks are taken care of whenever they arise. If you have an electrical fault you should have the phone number of the electrician ready with you to seek help.

Tips from a licensed commercial electrician

Tips from a licensed commercial electrician

I’m a licensed commercial electrician and  I do commercial electrical work.

So we’re bringing power in from the High Line’s and feed the building, feed a lot of equipment.

To run a conduit and power to stuff we do a lot of digging underground work like getting things ready for build up to the building,  pulling wire.

Some of the wiring poles are 10 inch in diameter it’s heavy work with your hands all day and tools. Sometimes you get rain in or it’s real cold out whatever you’re still out here working

A typical workday will get started probably about six, get out to the job site some days maybe doing some underground, other days you might be wiring panels up, pulling wire that’s something that I’ve always liked about it is things change every day.

You’re always part of a team you might go into the service call or something by yourself but a lot of things that we do, you want it to be safe.

You usually stick to 40 nut work there’s meetings 80 hours a week – you know jobs have just got to get done you have deadlines

You can travel anywhere do it wired up houses and garages when I was on vacation just add a plug

I know a lot of cats at traveling follow storms I’ve always made a good living at

You got to be able to read a tape measure a lot of geometry being able to read prints

I used to climb up in attics doubtful wire with my dad lost 13 years old I got working every day when I was about 18 19 get ahold of the local electrical contractors to find out if they’re hiring.commercial-electricians

Get started with a good group of guys and you learn a lot I get a lot of mentors that I’ve learned from

You get four years of experience journeyman’s license and a half you had journeyman’s license before you test out a new master

That allows you to open up their own business to pull your own permits insurances and bonding

I got to take a continuing education class every year four hours long are you a person to take a class

People don’t like messing with electricity and it’s a specialized trade you can do a lot with it. It’s fun personal satisfaction after good day’s work there’s a camaraderie working with everybody and the satisfaction.

You look back and you see you know just slag got here behind us whatever and then you know seven months later eight months later there’s a building there and people are working in it.

Roof repair Advice from a Toronto roofing contractor

Roof repair Advice from a Toronto roofing contractor

We’re going to help out this customer with a single flipped aisle kind of right above her bubble driveway so she’s not real happy about that so she called us out we’re going to take care of it.

It’s pretty simple first thing you want to do is inspect the felt paper, make sure there’s no big holes there they’re not textured make sure the tile is not broken. Your roofer should have just a simple pair of gloves so they don’t get the cocking on himself cocking gun Polly at the base talking and we’re going to show you when you fill up these channels.

You can see there’s a couple portions to the tile there’s the tile two nail holes obviously we won’t use a channel that connects them to the other tile and that’s where you want to glue the tiles together.
A lot of time the Toronto roofing contractor will simply take the tile, push it up into place and you can see if they’re not careful they’ll rip the other tar paper and then they put underneath the tile they just put the caulking gun

But if any water gets in this channel right here which it does and it hits the pocking then it goes back under the roof so if it hits the caulking back here it starts getting back under the roof and you can get leaks so basically just real simple someone put caulking right there.

Just a dab of caulking so we’re going to do that right now. I’m not wearing the gloves because I have to okay that’s just this caulking is really stiff you’re just going to squeeze it out and get a nice amount on there.toronto-roofing-contractor

This is a base sealant and adhesive so when it dries you’re not going to be able to remove it so in roofing terms is considered a dollop of the cocking.

We’re just going to push the tile up in place and I have to do that with two hands and then I’ll show you what it looks like. We have the caulking all the way up here so any water that gets in this channel it’s going to continue to go out the bottom of the channel it’s not going to get blocked.

That’s it it’s a perfect slip tile repair paper check everything done properties you see they have a tile roof basically all we do our tile roof leak repairs and a lot of maintenance it does look like it’s going to rain today

I’ll still come up and do little stuff for people and quick fixes it’s just a lot cheaper so you know we were able to come out here for a simple service call and get the same fix for this lady the way she’s not worried every time she gets in her car and now kids can play in there so that’s it tiles roof